2013 Annual Plastic Surgery Pricing Report

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All procedure prices were determined using data published by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons on Regional prices are listed for a procedure when 5 or more prices are published in that region

To date, this is the most accurate data released on plastic surgery procedure pricing since it is physician-reported. Unlike other sources, these prices include physician fees, ancillary fees such as operating room and anesthesia fees, implant fees, and other miscellaneous costs that have been estimated to account for 50% of a typical procedure's total cost. If you would like specific prices for these procedures from a plastic surgeon in your area, please visit

Image Credit: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

WestMidwestSouthNortheastU.S. Average
Botulinum injection - Forehead$330$239$378$305
Brow Lift$4,478$4,733$4,644
Botulinum injection - Between Eyebrows$241$450$298
Upper Lid Lift$2,892$3,700$2,944$3,344$3,083
Botulinum injection - Around Eyes$235$416$286
Lower Lid Lift$3,400$3,742$3,104$4,594$3,601
Eyelash Growth$124$116$118
Nose Reshaping$5,229$5,590$6,226$6,764$5,981
Correction of Both Protruding Ears$4,134$4,623$5,775$4,742
Correction of Both Split Earlobes$725$734$916$816
Correction of Split Earlobe$400$478$574$499
Neck Lift$5,686$6,155$5,640$5,916
Neck Liposuction$2,603$3,086$3,176
Arm Lift$5,659$5,496$5,657
Removal of Excess Breast Tissue$4,548$4,939$4,971
Arm Liposuction$3,815$4,007$4,030$3,954
Breast Reduction$7,203$6,854$7,040
Breast Lift without Implants$5,661$5,575$5,821$7,607$6,040
Breast Enlargement (Silicone Implants)$6,140$6,760$6,006$7,577$6,443
Breast Enlargment (Saline Implants)$4,959$4,910$6,753$5,390
Breast Lift and Enlargement (Silicone Implants)$8,702$8,156$9,916$8,813
Breast Lift and Enlargement (Saline Implants)$7,508$7,180$7,615
Tummy Tuck - Traditional$6,911$6,740$8,550$7,187
Tummy Tuck - Mini$5,521$5,056$5,536$5,344
Liposuction of Abdominal Flank$4,142$4,091$4,482$4,240
Fat Injections to Buttocks$8,330$6,090$6,562
Liposuction to Inner and Outer Thighs$4,735$4,697$4,697
Thigh Lift$5,944$6,932$6,833
Results compiled January 16th, 2013.